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August 5, 2022 | By Italia Dubia

DL1961 Jeans

DL1961 Jeans Review

DL1961 is a family-owned brand founded in 2008.  DL1961 Jeans creates global premium denim that has become a leading fabric in the fashion industry. The entire process, from creating the fibers to the finished garments, uses sustainability technologies.  At DL1961 they have learned how to take the trash and turn it into your new favorite jeans, using eco-friendly materials and a commitment to social responsibility.

At DL1961 the question of what to do with old jeans and plastic bottles when no longer needed has been answered. DL1961 developed a process to take your old jeans and plastic bottles and turn them into your favorite high-performance stretch denim. This eco-friendly DL1961 denim gives new life to old jeans while making you look your best.


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DL196 Jeans styles

1. DL1961 Hepburn

DL1961 Hepburn high-rise jeans have a vintage fit through the waist and seat. It then tapers outward from the thigh for a wide leg that is just above the ankle. The fabric is a DL1961 classic twill that is a flat weave with lightweight comfort technology for a superior fit you can wear every day. The Eggshell shade wash and the classic Sandbank khaki hue are great Dl1961 Hepburn jeans choices for warmer weather looks.

2. DL1961 Florence

DL1961 Florence is a mid-rise, cropped stretch skinny jeans. This DL1961 Florence crop uses a technology that smooths, sculpts, and conforms to the body for a perfect fit. Each DL1961 Florence jean is an example of state-of-the-art production for the denim industry at large. The Dl1961 Florence jean has an alluring contoured waistband and classic 5 pocket styling. Pairs well with heels and flat shoes.

3. DL1961 Emma

DL1961 Emma is crafted from revolutionary denim. The DL1961 Emma jean is a best seller for a reason. It’s universally flattering, super slim fit slenderizes, and sculpts at every angle. Plus it has a comfortable ultra-soft feel that moves with your body. The DL1961 Emma jean style is available in multiple wash shades from low-rise to mid-rise designs.

4. DL1961 Mara

The Dl1961 Mara jean is a high-rise or mid-rise sculpt with an easy laid-back fit and slenderizing contoured waistband. The DL1696 Mara is crafted for style and comfort. DlD1961 Mara jeans are available in several washes, but popular is the Dark Eclipse which is a subtly washed down DL1961, Mara Black Jean, with ankle slits, tonal stitching, and matte silver hardware.

5. DL1961 Sale

Explore a wide range of DL1961 jeans that are currently on sale. DL1961 high-rise or mid-rise, straight leg or skinny leg fashion styles. All have beautiful vintage washes to choose from.

Additional Information 

DL1961 oversees the entire process of turning recycled jeans and plastic bottles into reusable fibers to weave into their denim fashions.  As we discard old denim jeans and plastic bottles, DL1961 gathers these items and recycles them into yarn fibers that are woven into denim products. This jean brand uses the following sustainability technologies to create their DL1961 denim.

Giving life to old jeans means starting small

The process begins by shredding old denim and plastics into smaller than small pieces, then weaving these small pieces into a yarn with eco-friendly fibers that have high-performance stretch.

Dyeing and Weaving

The yarns are then woven into your favorite comfortable, lifting, and sculpting fabrics. After yarns are woven, they are dyed using the highest quality liquid pigments to minimize harmful by-products.

Less Water used in processes

Normally jeans require1500 gallons of water to produce.  DL1961 only requires 10 gallons of water, thanks to its ultra-absorbent fibers and waterless techniques used along the way.

Denim is the final product

Finally, your DL1961 jeans are quality-checked and delivered. You get sustainably-made jeans that make you look your best and feel even better in more ways than one. Your purchase has just helped the planet and the people on it. Each month the Company allocates a portion of its sales to New York City area shelters and charities.


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